Writing can get lonely — and writing meetup groups can be a great place to meet other writers — so you can be lonely together, sitting inches apart but not talking or making eye contact because, well, you’re writing.

If such get togethers appeal to you as much as they do to me, here are three to check out:

Writers Blok in Santa Monica

1. Writers Blok. If Pavlovian rewards are what you need to get yourself to write, this wine-and-chocolate-fueled write-fest is for you. Every Monday and Tuesday, dozens of writers gather on the second floor of Church of the Nazarene, pick up a plastic glass of red or white wine — or a cup of coffee — then sit down at a table to drink and write for two hours.

Writers Blok brings in people working on any type of writing — blogs, PowerPoints for work, essays, creative writing. At 9 pm, a celebratory song blasts through the speakers! All the attendees are then divided up into small groups to socialize over writerly icebreaker questions — while nibbling on dark chocolate squares. Perhaps due to the chocolate, Writers Blok is by far my favorite writing meetup group.

Writers Blok. Every Monday and Tuesday, 7-10 pm Church of the Nazarene, 2nd Fl. 1001 18th St., Santa Monica. Cost: $7 or less with package deals.

2. NaNo Los Angeles. National Novel Writing Month is coming up next month — and while that challenge lasts just 30 days, the local organizers in L.A. keep writing meetups happening year round all over the city, from Sherman Oaks to Santa Monica.

November really is the best time to get involved with NaNo Los Angeles, since most of the fun events — some involving cake! — happen then. Kick-off parties, marathon writing parties, post-challenge celebration parties should all go up on the group’s calendar soon.

NaNo Los Angeles. Check calendar for meetup dates, times, and locations. Cost: Free (except for whatever you buy at the venue).

3. Shut Up and Write! Show up, do quick intros, then shut up and write for a solid hour, at which point you’ll get to pat yourself on the back and socialize. There are five different SUaW locations — the Valley, East Hollywood, West LA, Woodland Hills, and Thousand Oaks.

Shut Up and Write! Check MeetUp page for dates, times, and locations. Cost: Free (except for whatever you buy at the venue).

As a sidenote — All three of the groups I’ve mentioned mostly attract genre fiction writers. If what you really want is to meet with others writing literary fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction, you’re more likely to find them at more formal writing workshops (post coming soon!).

There are many other writing meetup groups publicized on MeetUp and elsewhere; the above are simply three I’ve tried. Got another group to recommend? Let me know in the comments —

Photo courtesy of Writers Blok