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So you’re lit-curious.

Maybe you’re a young writer thinking about signing up for your first poetry workshop.

Or maybe you’re already an established novelist planning to visit Southern California.

Or maybe you just love reading books, and want to meet other bibliophiles.

Or maybe you’re a writer simply looking for a sense of community. You want to connect with people with whom you can share publishing advice and contacts, share story drafts for constructive critique, and commiserate about rejections from literary journals.

Wherever you are in your writing journey, I hope this ebook helps you forge your own path forward.

In this free guide, I’ve put together the resources to help you find the kind of community that will support and sustain your writing over the long term. It can seem daunting at first, but it’s fun once you get started.

You’ll find out about —

  • literary reading series that highlight local writers — and want to feature new voices (like yours!).
  • creative writing workshops and classes you can afford on any budget.
  • local journals and presses eager to read your work.
  • meetups to keep you company while you write your masterpiece.

— and much, much more.

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