52-menOne of my favorite books read last year is Louise Wareham Leonard’s 52 Men, a thinly veiled memoir written in tiny, flash pieces, each one about a guy with whom the narrator had a relationship — some brief, some longer, some intimate, some cruel (full microreview here).

Now, 52 Men has launched in podcast form! Called 52 Men the Podcast: Women Telling Stories About Men, the audio series launched November 15. Each 10-minute episode features one woman writer telling, well, a story about men.

And my story, “Acceptance,” is the latest! As Louise puts it, the story is about woman with a lover “who seems to be two different people – one loving and wonderful and the other, well — not so loving and wonderful. How to tell which is the real person, and whether one should stay or go?”

Give it a listen.

Other women writers featured on the podcast include Lisa Locascio, Amalia Negreponti, Lynne Tillman, Rebecca Baumann, and others.

And you can be on the podcast too! To be considered, send a short prose piece of up to 900 words to 52menthepodcast@gmail.com. Louise says the podcast seeks “positive stories about men as well as stories of trouble.”