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Do you like scary stories? If you love being frightened by a fantastic literary read, you must pick up Stefan Kiesbye‘s novel Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone this Halloween month.

Innocent-looking children full of strange horrors. Quiet little family homes hiding dark, shameful secrets. Placid small town life interrupted by sudden, dire consequences. Stefan’s novel is like a dark, Grimms brothers-esque read — with an R rating. Hexes, Oedipal complexes, battles of the sexes — This novel has it all.

Here’s a sample chapter summary: A boy figures out his sister was impregnated by his dad. So the boy uses an old folk remedy to punish his father — until his father eats himself to death. But the mom and sister, far from being happy to be rid of the incestuous father, aren’t too pleased with the turn of events. Everyone but the boy had been perfectly content with things as they were….

Each chapter’s like this, focusing on a different child in the village and the bizarre shenanigans he or she goes through. Those stories are bookended by a reunion of sorts of the now grown up kids (the ones that are still alive, anyway), so we get to see how they ended up after all the terrible traumas.

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