My short story, “The Supplies,” is now up in Juked! It’s about temping and driving and making out. Here’s an excerpt:

Driving to Roy’s that afternoon I felt a connection to everyone I saw, a deeper sort of understanding about our relatedness that didn’t need to be defined in concrete, hierarchical terms. I took time to notice the people inside the cars, their little fidgety preoccupations. Here we all were on our various paths, which weren’t so much paths but rather oneiric somnambulations, bumping gently along in the manner of benign bacteria. This is the attitude I should have had all along, I thought, just saying yes to whatever wanted to happen, not in an overt or grabby way, but in a more acquiescent, shrugging manner.

Juked is an indie lit journal, with new work going up weekly. Dig through its archives for works by Aimee Bender, Tao Lin, and other writers I like.